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Free Simplified RC-20 Alternative

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Uncover the Simplified RC-20 Alternative for Ableton 11 Standard – the ultimate free effects rack for LoFi and HipHop. Comes with 22 presets. Boost your Ableton music production.

Free Simplified RC-20 Alternative for Ableton

Unleash Vintage Warmth with the Ultimate Free Simplified RC-20 Alternative for Ableton 11 Standard.


Discover the magic of the “Simplified RC-20 Alternative,” a unique effects rack designed for Ableton 11 Standard. This rack effortlessly reproduces the warmth and character of vintage recording equipment. Perfect for modern-day music production in Ableton, especially in the LoFi and HipHop genres, it’s your go-to solution for achieving that sought-after vintage sound.


Presets Galore:

Dive right into music production in Ableton with 22 ready-to-use presets. Whether you’re crafting a chill LoFi beat or an energetic HipHop track, these presets seamlessly integrate with Ableton to get you started.

Detailed Breakdown of the 12 Parameters:

  1. Vinyl Cracking – Introduces subtle crackling sounds to your track, reminiscent of old vinyl records.
  2. Noise – Add a specific noise texture to your tracks, evoking the ambiance of vintage recordings.
  3. Distort – A distortion effect that ranges from mild saturation to intense overdrive, adding depth and character.
  4. Digital Effect – Emulates the sound of vintage digital devices and the distinctive coloration of limited sample rates.
  5. Space – A tailored reverb effect, adding depth and width to your tracks.
  6. Width – Simulates mono or adds more breadth and spatial dimension to your sound.
  7. Lo-Cut – Trims the lower frequencies, perfect for shaping and cleaning the sound.
  8. Hi-Cut – Limits the higher frequencies to produce a warmer and more focused sound.
  9. Magnetic Effect – Reproduces the wear and volume losses associated with recordings on tape devices.
  10. Wobble Effect – Introduces pitch inconsistencies linked with unstable playback on analog equipment.
  11. Gain – Allows you to precisely adjust the overall volume of the effect.
  12. Dry/Wet – Control the perfect balance between the processed and original signal.

Take a look:

Perfect for LoFi and HipHop in Ableton:

This rack, tailored for Ableton 11 Standard, finds its sweet spot in the world of LoFi, adding that nostalgic touch to your beats. HipHop producers will equally appreciate its versatility, bringing richness and texture to their Ableton tracks.


With superb automations, create intros, outros, and transitions that elevate any mix in Ableton. Its flexibility is evident, whether you’re processing drums, keys, guitars, bass, or the entire mix.


This rack was crafted using Ableton 11 Standard, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.


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