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Alesis Vol.1 – Lofi Melody Sample Pack

Suggested Price: 6,99 

Experience the unique fusion of vintage warmth and modern fidelity with our handcrafted Melody Sample Pack. Played on the Alesis QS 6 synthesizer and processed with a vintage SABA TG 440 tape machine, this pack offers high-quality 32-bit sounds, ideal for Lofi, Boombap, and Trap beats. With individual stems for full creative control and unparalleled authenticity, boost your productions with our exclusive, meticulously crafted sample pack. All made by Shawn TooLate.

Welcome to a new realm of sound exploration with the “Alesis Vol.1 Sample Melody Pack“. This isn’t just a sample pack, it’s a creative partner, meticulously crafted for music producers specialising in Lofi, Boombap, and Hiphop beats. What makes this pack so special? Let’s dive in.

7 Melodies | 50 files | 796 MB Bundle size | 100 % Royality Free

Each sound in this pack has been professionally played on the coveted Alesis QS 6 synthesizer. Why does it matter? The Alesis QS 6 offers a unique sonic character, a sound that can’t be replicated by modern, digital instruments. This gives your production a distinctive edge in a market often saturated with similar sounds.

But we didn’t stop there. We selected seven distinct melodies, each recorded and processed to preserve their authentic, organic warmth. These are the sounds that connect with listeners, that evoke emotion, and add depth to any track.

Also, each melody is provided in individual stems. This means total freedom to tweak, manipulate, and reinvent. It gives you control over every detail, every nuance, allowing your unique production style to shine through.

When it comes to quality, there’s no compromise. Each sound is delivered in high-resolution 32-bit depth, providing unparalleled clarity. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve run these sounds through a vintage analog SABA TG 440 tape machine. This unique process adds an extra layer of richness, depth, and character to the sounds, taking your beats to the next level.

A little Preview:


The “Alesis Vol.1 Sample Melody Pack” is more than a sample pack; it’s a creative catalyst, a source of inspiration, and a testament to the power of authentic, hand-played melodies. It represents hours of dedication, performance, and meticulous fine-tuning.

Investing in the “Alesis Vol.1 Sample Melody Pack” means enriching your sound library with unique, high-quality sounds, designed to inspire and elevate your creative process. If you’re passionate about authenticity, originality, and wish to truly make your mark in the music production scene, this sample pack is your key.

Compatible With All DAWS

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To take your track to the next level, you can take a look to my mixing and mastering service. Now it’s getting crazy. With this Melody Pack you get a discount code that gives you 20% off our mixing and mastering service. That’s a saving of at least 10 € if you mix your beat with us. That means you get the pack for free in this case. So, don’t wait, get your pack now.

And if you want to learn more about the Alesis QS 6, a fantastic synthesizer you can find some infomation here. I love it.

Everthing ist made – by Shawn TooLate


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