Mixing Vocal Order

Vocal Mixing Upload

Send us your files - get perfect results

Thank you for choosing our Mixing and mastering service. Here you can see what excactly we do.

  • Gain staging addlips, doubles, backings, main vocals
  • EQing, limiting, etc. using industry standard plugins
  • Each track is processed and gets its own place in the frequency spectrum
  • Using Auto-Tune, and manually pitch-correction, compressor, de-esser etc.

First of all, why does it take up to 4 days? You should never mix a track in one session. I make a first mix and listen to it on diffferent speaker. After a day or two I start a new session and change all the small thinks, to make your sound unique.

Important: Stems have to be .wav files (44.1 kHz 16 bit min.), named and labeled and packed to one archive please. We need the beat, a rough-mix, the vocal-stems.

Shawn_toolate did a fantastic job. There was only one revision needed to receive a perfect result. I will let him master my next tracks for sure.