Mixing And Mastering

– Mixing and Mastering by Shawn TooLate –

Why is it important to mix your songs?

Your can record perfect, you can write fantastic lyrics, so your song have to sounds great too. We will help you.



Choose your service
After we have received your order, you will receive an email with the link where you can upload your files. We need min. 16 bit WAV-files / stems.



Let us know what you want
Please answer to the mail with some information what you want. We need information like BPM, type of beat and perhaps the intension.



Download your track
You will get an mail, as soon we are finished. Donwload it, listen, enjoy, perhaps need revision. Tell us what you think. You get three files, Before and After the mix and a short conclusion what we’done.

Shawn_toolate did a fantastic job. There was only one revision needed to receive a perfect result. I will let him master my next tracks for sure.


Why to hire someone?

It's easy to answer. Imagine you have a friend who can play the guitar. And you have this beat in mind with this crazy guitarloop. Would you start learn playing guitar for month? As a producer you have to connect, you have to figure out who's the best for this job. You have to put all these together and produce the best beat. So for sure you ask your friend to play this melody. You put it in the beat, to the right place. You don't have to master every instrument, you should know who is the right person and you have the whole aim. That's the same why you should hier an engineer for mastering and mixing. Connecting talents, knowing how to reach the aim, how to prdouce the best beat/song.

You have some question? Please contact us:

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